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3 Bike Carrier Special Price @ £45.95

This Cycle Carrier is ideal for transporting either one, two or three bicycles. It is specially designed to fit most modern vehicles (except 4 x 4’s with rear mounted spare wheels). When you change your car you will not need to change your cycle carrier so it will save you money in the long run. It folds for easy storage, which means that it can be easily stored in the boot and taken out when required. Easy to fit, it comes with full instructions and is ready for use in approx. 10 mins.



Buy Two Of These For 59.99

We are giving our customers a chance to purchase two strong, durable and versatile bike carriers for the bargain price of just £59.99. If you need a way to transport your bicycle safely and securely by car or trailer, these products are the perfect choice, and with this great offer you will not have to spend a fortune to have peace of mind knowing that your bikes are safe.

These universal carriers are compatible with all types of Daxara trailers, giving you unlimited flexibility in how you use them. They can also be fitted to almost any standard car roof rack. If required, you can fit multiple bike carriers at the same time, allowing you to transport more than one bicycle with ease.

Our bike carriers are noted for offering superior security and durability, while still remaining extremely light and easily transportable. The strong locking feature ensures that the carrier remains securely fixed in place, so you don’t have to worry about your bicycle falling over during the journey or being stolen when left unattended.

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ERDE 193.2 with free jockey wheel and flat cover

This offer is for the classic trailer model with a free jockey wheel and flat cover, all available for the bargain price of just £1,097.01.

This is a light commercial trailer which has been given superior strength by its galvanised steel structure and ‘A’ frame drawbar. With its innovative torsion suspension, you can transport materials safely and smoothly. It is designed for regular use, making it the perfect choice for all kinds of everyday work.

The trailer can carry a total weight of 600kg and features a tailgate and front panel which can be completely removed. Its tipping mechanism makes loading and unloading fast and easy, and its recessed lights enable you to see what you are doing without the risk of them getting knocked or damaged.

Also included in this package is a RJ200 Telescopic Jockey Wheel, RS145R13 Spare Wheel and Spare Wheel Support, and a BP190 Flat Trailer Cover. If you need a trailer for general use that will provide easy access, easy handling and fantastic resistance to corrosion, this is the trailer for you.

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DAXARA 127.2 Trailer with free Jockey Wheel and free flat cover.

This fantastic bundle is currently available for just £433.64 and when you buy this package, you will receive the jockey wheel and flat cover completely free.

The trailer is ultra compact, making it perfect for smaller tasks and ensuring that it is light and easy to handle Despite its compact size, the trailer offers superior strength and is extremely hard wearing, meaning you will get plenty of use out of it.

The RJ160 Telescopic Jockey Wheel makes it easy to manoeuvre your trailer, and can be used on numerous different trailers including the Daxara 107, 127, and 148 models. You’ll also receive a SP050 Trailer Spare Wheel Support to strengthen your wheel as much as possible, and a RS400x10 Spare Wheel which is perfectly designed for this trailer and will give you peace of mind knowing you’re covered in the event of anything going wrong with your existing wheels.

The BP120 Flat Trailer Cover makes a useful addition, enabling you to cover and protect the contents of your trailer during transportation, and as we mentioned, this cover comes completely free when you purchase this trailer bundle.

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Erde CARGO.E Bicycle Trailer 50% OFF!

We currently have an excellent offer on our strong, durable bicycle trailer, giving you 50% off so you can get it for half price. Make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible discount by getting your trailer today. This bicycle trailer is useful for so many different tasks and is sure to be an invaluable addition to your bike rides, allowing you to transport essential items with ease.

If you’re in search of a sturdy, light, and practical bicycle trailer, the Erde CARGO.E Bicycle Trailer is the best choice for your requirements. You won’t find a better trailer from any other supplier, especially at such an affordable price. Why not take advantage of this offer now and get your trailer for half price with us? As with all our trailers, you cna rely on this one for excellent handling and amazing versatility.

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