Driving Test Changes From November 2013

As of 15th November 2013 the Driving Standards Agency is introducing new ‘laden testing’ rules for certain vehicle categories.

What is changing?


The Driving Standards Agency is introducing a real total mass requirement for vehicles used in driving tests from 15th November 2013. In layman’s terms if you are taking a trailer driving test after the date above you will need to be carrying a load in the trailer during the test, non compliance will result in cancellation of the test and you will lose the test fee you have paid.

If you arrange your test through a driving instructor and plan on using their vehicle and trailer then you will have probably already done a proportion, if not all your training with the correct load in the trailer and the instructor will make sure everything is prepared as required by DSA for your test.

If you intend on using your own vehicle and trailer, the load weight and load requirement is quite specific. Below we have reproduced the table from the gov.uk website showing the weight requirements for each vehicle category.

Vehicle Categories & Required Loads

Vehicle category Vehicle or trailer affected Minimum real weight Minimum load requirement
C Vehicle 10,000 kg 5 x 1,000 litre IBCs
C+E ‘drawbar’ vehicle Towing lorry and trailer 10,000 kg for lorry and 5,000 kg for trailer 5 x 1,000 litre IBCs (lorry) and 3 x 1,000 litre IBCs (trailer)
C+E articulated lorry Semi-trailer 15,000 kg 8 x 1,000 litre IBCs
B+E, C1+E, D1+E and D+E Trailers 800 kg 600 kg of aggregates or 1 IBC of 1,000 kg or 600 kg capacity when filled with water

How the load can be made up

The rules relating to load requirement are:

  • Bagged aggregates like sand, stone chippings, gravel or any other recycled material packages (but not toxic materials) in sealed transparent bags – the bags must:
    • all weigh the same
    • be at least 10 kg
    • have the weight clearly stamped on them
  • Water, in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) which are made from semi-transparent moulded plastic usually reinforced with a wire framework

Links to more info.

The full official web page relating to the above rule changes can be found on the gov.uk website, this covers the rules in full (including implications for Driver CPC).