ERDE 193.2 with free jockey wheel and flat cover

This offer is for the classic trailer model with a free jockey wheel and flat cover, all available for the bargain price of just £1,097.01.

This is a light commercial trailer which has been given superior strength by its galvanised steel structure and ‘A’ frame drawbar. With its innovative torsion suspension, you can transport materials safely and smoothly. It is designed for regular use, making it the perfect choice for all kinds of everyday work.

The trailer can carry a total weight of 600kg and features a tailgate and front panel which can be completely removed. Its tipping mechanism makes loading and unloading fast and easy, and its recessed lights enable you to see what you are doing without the risk of them getting knocked or damaged.

Also included in this package is a RJ200 Telescopic Jockey Wheel, RS145R13 Spare Wheel and Spare Wheel Support, and a BP190 Flat Trailer Cover. If you need a trailer for general use that will provide easy access, easy handling and fantastic resistance to corrosion, this is the trailer for you.

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