Erde & Daxara Tyre Pressures

Below are the tyre pressures as recommended by Erdé for their own trailers. If you have a different make of trailer please refer to any owners manual you have or contact the trailer manufacturer directly.

Reasons for the correct tyre pressure


It is important to ensure that your trailer tyres are inflated to the correct tyre pressure so that the trailer handles in a safe and predictable manner, whilst being towed. It will also help to maintain the best possible fuel economy by reducing unwanted rolling resistance from under inflated tyres.

Finding the correct pressures How to find your tyre size

As the same tyre sizes are fitted to multiple trailers and tyre sizes on specific trailers are changed by Erdé from time to time, the table below is organised by tyre size rather than trailer model.

If you are not sure of the tyre size fitted to your trailer, have a look at the tyres fitted and the size is normally the largest numbers moulded on to the tyre side wall. In the example image to the right, the tyre size shown is for the 400×10 tyre in the table below.

Table of pressures

Tyre Size Min (Bar) Max (Bar) Min (Psi) Max (Psi)
350×8 2.5 3 36 43
480×8 2.5 3 36 43
400×10 3.5 4 50 57
500×10 3.5 4 50 57
135R13 2.5 3 36 43
145R13 2.5 3 36 43
185/70R13 2.5 3 36 43

Note: Minimum tyre pressures should be used when the trailer is empty of lightly laden and maximum tyre pressures should be use when the trailer is close too or fully laden to the specified gross load weight.