Trailer Types

At Wilstow Ltd we can supply a range of different types of trailer for different uses depending on your needs. Please read on to find out more about our box trailers, motorcycle trailers and off road trailers.

Box Trailers


The box trailers we supply are from the Erdé Classic and Daxara trailer ranges. These box trailers are perfect for a variety of uses from small camping trailers, right up to heavy duty commercial trailers suitable for everyday use (depending on model). Trailer models numbered 102.2/107.2 to 153.2/158.2 are suitable for most peoples camping needs, these trailers are also popular with people who regularly take rubbish or garden waste to their local tip or recycling centre.

The more commercial orientated trailer model numbers start from 163.2/168.2 up to the biggest trailers available from Erdé, the 234x4and 239×4 trailers. Most of the bigger trailers are also available as braked versions, which give greater control under braking and increase the trailers gross capacity up to a potential 1500kg.

Motorcycle Trailers


We currently stock a range of three trailers by Erdé that are suitable for transporting motorcycles, these are the PM310, CH451 and CH751.

All three trailers are incredibly popular with clubman level racers and those who regularly take part in track days, as they can be hitched up to the car you use everyday, saving the expense of running and hassle of storing a vehicle big enough to get all the motorcycles and associated equipment to the race track.

For more information on the motorcycle trailers please view the full product listings here.

ATV Off Road Trailers


Within the range of trailers that we sell, we also have a range of robust off road tipping trailers under the Wilstow by Erdé brand. These trailers are designed to be towed by an All Terrain Vehicles and are fitted with either a manual or electric tipping mechanism. Most models can also be extended with the addition of a mesh side extension kit and spare wheels, etc. are readily available. The trailers fitted with an electric tipping mechanism are powered by the electrical system on the ATV and is controlled by means of a handlebar mounted switch.

Most models can also be extended with the addition of a mesh side extension kit, this vastly increases the volume of the trailer and is useful when you need to transport loads such as leaves, grass cuttings and hedge trimmings.