How To Prepare Your Trailer For Winter Storage – Part 1

The first part in our series of articles about preparing your trailer for winter storage looks at your trailer tyres to ensure they are in prime condition come the spring.

Will your trailer tyres make it through the winter?

By the end of the summer most of the trailers will be stored till next season. Damage on the tyres is more common with trailers and other vehicles only used occasionally. Since the function your trailer performs is based largely on its tyres, it’s a good idea to keep your trailer tyres maintained even during winter!

Flat spotting


Vibrations coming from your trailer whilst driving could be as a result of flat spotting. Flat spotting can occur when your trailer sits dormant in storage with only a small portion of the wheel loaded.

Tip: When storing a vehicle for more than a few weeks, it is best to drive the vehicle until it is thoroughly warmed up and then immediately put it up on “blocks” after arriving at the storage location. Doing this takes the load off of the tyres completely. Not doing this on a vehicle that will be parked for a few months runs the risk of permanently flat spotting the tyres. Also increase the tyre pressure up to 50 PSI.

Tyre Ageing

It’s not just driving many miles that can damage your tyres. UV radiation and high temperatures can also cause rubber tyres to dry out and crack. Damage through ageing is more common with trailers and other vehicles only used occasionally.

Tip: Rather than leave your trailer outside in the hot sun look after your tyres by storing your trailer in a cool, dark well ventilated environment. This will prevent your tyres from drying out and ageing prematurely.

Tyre pressure


Next time you take your trailer out make sure you check your tyre pressure. Ensuring your tyres are at the correct pressure is essential for road safety and prolonging the life of your tyres. An incorrect tyre pressure can lead to overheating and increase the chance of a blowout whilst driving. The correct pressure varies per trailer load, tyre size and tyre type so make sure you are pumping-up those tyres correctly.

Tip: Check your tyre pressure on a regular basis. Tyres may lose a few pounds of pressure a month just sitting around.