Daxara 127 trailer with free high cover spare wheel spare wheel support jockey wheel and coupling lock

This fantastic bundle is currently available for just £499.00 and when you buy this package, you will receive the high cover with frame, spare wheel, spare wheel support, jockey wheel & coupling lock, completely free.

The trailer is ultra compact, making it perfect for smaller tasks and ensuring that it is light and easy to handle Despite its compact size, the trailer offers superior strength and is extremely hard wearing, meaning you will get plenty of use out of it.

The RJ160 Telescopic Jockey Wheel makes it easy to manoeuvre your trailer, and can be used on numerous different trailers including the Daxara 107, 127, and 148 models. You’ll also receive a SP050 Trailer Spare Wheel Support to strengthen your wheel as much as possible, and a RS400x10 Spare Wheel which is perfectly designed for this trailer and will give you peace of mind knowing you’re covered in the event of anything going wrong with your existing wheels.

The BH120 High trailer Cover with frame, makes a useful addition, enabling you to cover and protect the contents of your trailer during transportation with additional height, and as we mentioned, this cover comes completely free when you purchase this trailer bundle.

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