BF190 60cm High Trailer Cover for the Erde 193 Trailer




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The BF190 60cm High Trailer Cover consists of a lightweight tubular frame and waterproof cover.

This cover allows you to increase the volume of the trailer and is ideal if you have large but relatively light items to move. Across the range of covers available the BF190 will give the greatest increase in volume possible.

The frame is quick and simple to assemble due to its tool free assembly method and slots into the corner posts of the trailer. The frame can also be easily removed as it is not permanently attached to the trailer and is secured when in use by the cover itself.

The BF190 cover secures to the trailer by hooking the elasticated cord over the hooks fitted to the side of every Erde box trailer. Two vertical zips on either side of the rear allow the back of the cover to be rolled up and allowing access to the load with out removing the cover.

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12.50 kg