CH.TN115MB Motorbike Handlebar Straps for the Erde CH751 Trailer

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The CH.TN115MB Motorbike Handlebar Straps are used to secure the front end of a motorbike preventing any movement while the trailer is being towed.

Fabric sleeves fit over the handle bar grips with webbing straps running through the sleeves meaning that no metal hooks etc come into contact with any part of the motorbike. The hand grip sleeves are also slightly smaller to prevent them riding up and damaging the handle bar switches etc, compared with similar products available from other manufactures.

A fleece sleeve also covers the straps between the hand grip sleeves to further prevent any chance of scratching occurring to the motor bike. The handle bar straps are supplied with two endless ratchet straps to secure the the handle bar straps to the trailer.

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