CP150 ABS Lockable Hard Cover for the Erde 143 Trailer




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The Erde CP150 ABS Lockable Cover increases the volume of your trailer, protects load from the weather and provides a secure environment for your load with locking latches fitted as standard.

Opening the cover is assisted by a gas strut, which also holds the cover open making loading and unloading the trailer easier. Locks are integrated into the latches fitted on to the rear of the trailer and are supplied with 4 matched keys. When closed the cover also prevent the rear panel of the trailer from being opened, totally securing the load area of the trailer.

The CP150 cover increases the height of the trailer by approximately 20cm at the front of the trailer and 25cm at the rear due to its stepped design. This increases volume by about 50%.

The versatility of the trailer can be further increased by the addition of BC001 Load Bars to the CP150 ABS Lockable Cover, allowing for bike racks etc to be fitted.

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