Erde 122 trailer with half price ABS lid and discounted delivery.


The Erde 122.2 Classic Trailer is one of the most popular trailers in the Erde range and is perfect for... read more
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£710.61 £512.45


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The Erde 122.2 Classic Trailer is one of the most popular trailers in the Erde range and is perfect for use as a camping trailer and carrying garden waste etc. It is constructed from galvanised steel for strength and to protect against corrosion, extending the life of the trailer. The Erde 122.2 is capable of carrying a net load weight of 335kg and is fitted with torsion suspension to improve the ride.

The trailer also features a tipping mechanism and a removable tailgate, making loading and unloading far easier, especially with bulk materials such as earth, sand and gravel. Recessed light clusters, a feature on all Erde trailers allow for a high level of protection against damage and on the smaller models of trailer such as the 122.2 allow the trailer to be stored vertically on its end. This significantly reduces the area required to store the trailer when not in use.

As with all Erde trailers the 122.2 Classic box trailer meets and exceeds the new type approval legislation being enforced as of October 2012. As a result each trailer produced to these standards has to be supplied with a Certificate of Conformity, an example of this certificate is included with the trailer images above.

Also available is a comprehensive range of accessories to further increase the versatility of each Erde trailer, see below for a full list of accessories suitable for this trailer.

Gross Weight – 400kg
Unladen Weight – 65kg
Axle Rated – 400kg
Internal Dimensions – 120x92x35cm

The CP120 ABS Lockable Cover increases the volume of your trailer, protects load from the weather and provides a secure environment for your load with locking latches fitted as standard.

Opening the cover is assisted by a gas strut, which also holds the cover open making loading and unloading the trailer easier. Locks are integrated into the latches fitted on to the rear of the trailer and are supplied with 4 matched keys. When closed the cover also prevent the rear panel of the trailer from being opened, totally securing the load area of the trailer.

The CP120 cover increases the height of the trailer by approximately 20cm at the front of the trailer and 25cm at the rear due to its stepped design. This increases volume by about 50%.

The versatility of the trailer can be further increased by the addition of BC001 Load Bars to the CP120 ABS Lockable Cover, allowing for bike racks etc to be fitted.