Erde 234×4.4 Classic Box Trailer (Hire)

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Erde 234x4.2 Classic Trailer, unbraked, twin axle heavy duty trailer read more

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191.00 kg
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Hire this trailer

You can choose to hire this trailer for between 1-3 days or 7, 14, 28 days.

For all other hire periods, please call us on 01353 724 640

Collection Date
Collect after 9am (Mon-Fri). For weekend hire please collect on Friday.
Return Date
Return before 5pm (Mon-Thurs) and 4pm (Fri). For weekend hire please return on Monday.

Please ensure you read our hire Terms & Conditions


The Erde 234×4.4 Classic Trailer is the unbraked, twin axle version of the Erde heavy duty trailers and is fitted with a reinforced ‘A’ frame drawbar for added strength, this trailer has been designed with regular heavy duty use in mind. It is constructed from galvanised steel for strength and to protect against corrosion, extending the life of the trailer. The Erde 234×4.4 is capable of carrying a net load weight of 490kg and is fitted with torsion suspension to improve the ride.

Recessed light clusters, a feature on all Erde trailers allow for a high level of protection against damage.

Another feature of the Erde light commercial and heavy duty trailers is a opening and removable front panel giving more flexibility on how the trailer can be used.

As with all Erde trailers the 234×4.4 box trailer meets and exceeds the new type approval legislation being enforced as of October 2012. As a result each trailer produced to these standards has to be supplied with a Certificate of Conformity, an example of this certificate is included with the trailer images above.

Also available is a comprehensive range of accessories to further increase the versatility of each Erde trailer, see below for a full list of accessories suitable for this trailer.

Gross Weight – 750kg
Unladen Weight – 260kg
Axle Rated – 2x750kg
Internal Dimensions – 225x129x40cm
Overall Assembled Dimensions – 327x175x94cm
Wheel Size – RS135R13

Additional information

191.00 kg