PKPQ00 Quad Bike Rail Kit for the Erde CH451 Multi Purpose Chassis




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The PKPQ00 Quad Bike Rail Kit is designed so that a single quad bike can be loaded and transported securely.

When fitted the spacing of the rails is 100% adjustable due to the way the kit attaches to the trailer chassis, allowing the spacing to be tailored precisely to the track of quad bike to be loaded. Also to assist loading the hinged ramps are fitted with checker plate to provide additional grip in wet conditions.

Included in the kit are two 2m long loading rails with attached loading ramps, wheel stops at the front of the rails and all the required fixings to attach them to the trailer chassis. The kit is constructed of galvanised steel, the same as the trailer and as a result provides strength and longevity.

Please note: Additional straps are required to secure the quad bike to the trailer before being transported. We recommend our Erde CH.TN115MB Motorbike Handlebar Straps listed below for this purpose.

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19.00 kg